Portfolio of Muhamad Zaldi
  • Portfolio of Muhamad Zaldi

    Welcome to my portfolio site. You can see about my personal information and technical skills here, including my curriculum vitae also projects & clients I managed.

    This portfolio is under construction and will be updated continuously. Please fell free to contact me.

    Thank you for coming,
    Muhamad Zaldi

  • Clients:

    • PT. Astra Daihatsu Motor
    • PT. Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing
    • PT. Bridgestone Sumatera Rubber Estate
    • PT. Kansai Paint Indonesia
    • PT. Namicoh Indonesia Component
    • PT. Musashi Auto Part Indonesia
  • Summary of Projects:

    • Finance & Accounting
    • Marketing System
    • Delivery Control System
    • Budgeting System
    • Cost Control Management
    • Production Control System
    • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
    • Interface with SAP B1 & SAP R/3
Portfolio of Muhamad Zaldi